Whiskey & Real Estate - Episode #ONE - Black Bottle Whiskey

So I have been wanting to create VLOG for a while now but have just been way too busy to start it! I wanted to take some of my passions in life and combine them with my real estate business.One of those passions being whiskey and the other being film creating and editing! I will also be showcasing my other hobbies but mainly it will just be me talking about whiskey and real estate...WHISKEY & REAL ESTATE - EPISODE ONE - COSTCO WINNER
In this first episode, I thought it would be a good time to announce the winner of my 1st listing contest. Please feel free to like, share but more importantly- write in the comments your thoughts! I would also love recommendations on what bottle of whiskey to buy next as I am almost out of the one in the video.
Cheers, and as always, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!(big shout out to White Cloud Productions for helping me choose the right equipment and helping me get started! They will also be my go-to video team in the Lower Mainland!)